Consider the straightforward and most advanced alternative for any kind of hair loss problem.
The results are immediate, long term and affordable.

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The NEW AGE technique is the ideal and unique solution for most of women with extended hair loss matters for undetected, delicate and natural aesthetic results.

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Medical Causes of Hair Loss

This technology allows to patients who encounter hair loss due to medical situation to reconstruct any area that needs to coverage (diseases, scars, injury or treatment, etc).

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New appearance means a new life. A simple decision gives the missing confidence, covering all the requirements and giving priority to the absolute naturalness of the hair line.

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Support to the Dermatologist

Combining with the dermatologist’s prescription or even when the available treatment options have been exhausted without the desired performance, then NEW AGE can provide a permanent solution.

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Protection against Covid-19

Adherence to strict safety and hygiene protocols is followed faithfully. With scheduled appointments, individual service in sterile and safe rooms and health care instructions for a stress-free experience!

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Long hair or short hair?? The fashion trend changes every year and thus is transferred to the complete proposals of our technicians.
Experienced hairdressers-stylists convey the latest trends and suggest to men and women the right haircut always depending on what suits their face.


The natural end result has a lot to do with the choice of colors. Our specialized technicians will give their specific suggestions for choosing the colors that match the features.
The hair is natural and gives all the possibilities for changes.


Get the result you want !! With fine reflections?
With a darker root? Something you saw in a fashion magazine?
Make a first meeting with the experienced technicians and let them make their suggestions.
There are endless options to combine with a modern result.



Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Heraklion and Rhodes !! We love what we do and we have great passion for our work.
With our many years of experience, knowledge, special orders and products, we provide the best possible result to our customers in a friendly and safe environment.



The technical characteristics recorded in the order forms for each customer note the exact specifications according to the wishes for the size and type of base, hair length, density, the percentage of whites, etc.
These elements determine the final cost.



The technicians working in the NEWAGE hair prosthesis department have all the necessary knowledge on modern techniques.
These include hair placement, maintenance, haircuts and dyeing.
The excellent knowledge of the staff on the subject is immediately understood.