Manufactures & Cooperation

Manufactures & Cooperation


A special order is made for each customer, the measures and the footprint of the area are taken with all the details and then a personal file is created. Its specifications, needs and desires are recorded there, in order to ensure the absolute success of the order. In other words, no order is like any other, since each case is unique, with special specifications and special needs.

To create each personalized NEW AGE system, Bergmann Kord sends all the necessary data along with the order data to the German workshop of Bergmann, which is considered one of the most important and most reliable European factories in the world.


There, experienced and specialized technicians create the specific constructions with a sense of responsibility, taking into account all the details and working steadily on every order.

These systems are handmade constructions, which due to their very delicate and special construction, require careful processing.