Medical Cases

Medical Cases

The application of the NEW AGE technique came to propose solutions in cases of accidents or burns in places where there was no option of surgical reconstruction.
Latest, in collaboration with the competent plastic surgeons and dermatologists, solutions have been given to patients who could not solve the issue of loss in any other way.

Bergmann Kord has a significant know-how in specific issues and gives suggestions and solutions with immediate results.
The applications of NEW AGE techniques in men and women are stable, without the insecurity and the thought of instability of construction or movement.


The new hair is implanted in special hypoallergenic skin bases of exceptional fineness. They fit perfectly on the scalp and have absolute stability.
With this technique we can achieve any haircut or hairstyle you want.
The special construction does not remove from the person the feeling of external stimuli. It also allows the exercise of any kind of activity.
The hair can be washed, combed, subjected to hairdressing processes like dyeing, as well as the use of styling products.


Bergmann Kord experts have provided complete solutions in cases of hair loss for different reasons and causes.
With their considerable experience, they often complement the difficult task of doctors who cannot guide their patient to a treatment or surgery choice.

Here you can see some of the special cases of hair restoration with the NEW AGE technique.