Invisible Solution

Invisible Solution

The NEW AGE technique is applied in Greece exclusively by Bergmann Kord. This technology enables us to absolute cover of any case of thinning and hair loss.
The new hair matches the existing ones and their behavior does not differ in any way from the natural ones.
That is, all styling products can be used are, you can wash, combed, dyed and can be used normally.
Especially for women, they can visit their hairdresser and even use a hair dryer to change the style.

Why it is not visible

The area to be covered is imprinted on a pattern depending on the shape and coverage area.

Then, according to standards, a thin transparent film or mesh base is created in the laboratories of Bergmann workshop in Germany.

This pattern is shaped in such a way that the new construction with the hair that will have been implanted, becomes entangled in the existing ones when it is placed to become a single body and does not stand out.

Then the experienced technicians, who will apply NEW AGE, will cut and comb creating a new hair style with careful movements, since the new hair does not grow.

The choice of the stars

The NEW AGE technique is considered the solution of the stars, as it is an advanced “invisible” solution where the new hair gives an immediate and completely natural solution without restrictions in volume and length.

In addition, they have absolute contact and stability with the skin, give a feeling of naturalness and allow the person concerned to exercise any kind of activity.

The progress

The solution of the NEW AGE technology, perfectly imitates the natural front line, the subtlety of the construction does not make the system visible in any case, not even in touch.

It has no restrictions on activities such as fitness, swimming in the sea or swimming pool.