Alopecia & Accidents

Alopecia & Accidents

A Solution in Collaboration with the Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon

NEW AGE Hair Prosthesis is a non-surgical technique for the hair restoration of any kind and type of hair loss.
It is an ideal choice for those who do not want to proceed with a hair transplant. Or for those whose hair loss type let no alternative to the doctor to restore by any other way.
For the same reasons is strongly recommended in cases like alopecia areata, scarring or universal alopecia.
In cases of burns or accidents where there is no healthy tissue, it is considered a unique technique to fill in the gaps and there are many options.

The final decision is always appreciated in collaboration with the competent doctors.

The experts who work in this field consider being very experienced and capable.
All of them work closely with different Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, where surgical options are non-existent and Bergmann Kord’s know-how is required to assist the patients with NEW AGE technology.

It is a really excellent solution, in cases where the Dermatologist has exhausted all available options in treatments and there is no other option in the field of treatment.
Then the NEW AGE technology can fill the gap.

It has given a solution to thousands of men who initially faced at some point in their lives the issue of thinning hair and found the suitable solution.
It is considered the “invisible” Technology. It is the solution chosen by those who want fast results.

Important advantages of the technique are the feeling of naturalness and absolute contact with the skin as any kind of activity is allowed without any restrictions.

Specialized solutions for all cases

The NEW AGE technique is applied in Greece exclusively by BergmannKord, enabling it to meet the requirements of any need and type of dilution.
The behavior of the hair is exactly like natural, you can wash, combed and all styling products can be used normally.

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