Hair Prosthesis for Men

Hair Prosthesis for Men

Hair for men is one of the most important elements of their appearance. Rich hair is without a doubt an element of strength and charm and losing them creates a serious stress.
In the past there were not many options to find a solution to this unpleasant change of appearance. The end result was a complete shave of the head.
In some cases they used colored powders so that the dilution would not be visible.

The new option

In recent years there is a new selection with excellent results.
The NEW AGE technique is applied in Greece exclusively by Bergmann Kord, enabling it to meet the requirements of any degree and type of dilution.
There are no restrictions on length or density and all desires are possible.
The new hair is 100% natural and behaves normal, washed, combed and all styling products can be used normally.

Order preparation and measurements

After the initial briefing by the experts, the area to be covered is imprinted on a pattern so that to copy exactly the area and the shape.
Depending from the personal features of each case, we will decide the kind of the base.
The choices can be an extra made net or a thin solid construction base, where the new hair will be implanted.
Then natural hair of a certain quality and color is selected, which is implanted by hand in the construction.
The NEW AGE system will then be placed in the thinning area between the existing hair.

It is considered a unique solution based is an advanced “invisible” technology where the new hair has full contact with the skin, gives a feeling of naturalness and allows the user to exercise any kind of exercise or activity.

Important details

Except the natural result that Bergmann Kord offers to those who will trust it, there are more things that you will find here.
Like the human approach, the right professionalism and the continuous support of its people in all the steps and personal contacts.
Understanding and cooperation are the key elements that build a long-term relationship so that everyone interested can feel that in Bergmann Kord they can find serious and responsible support.