Ideal Solution

Ideal Solution


The innovative NEW AGE technique is addressed to men and women who have to deal with sudden or gradual hair loss.
By NEW AGE, the result we accomplish is without having to undergo any surgery and thus gives an immediate solution with flawless aesthetic results.

NEW AGE technology is completely controlled and highly advanced as it surpasses anything anyone knows in this field.
The technique can be complementary in cases of hair loss due to a health problem, due to Androgenetic Alopecia, Universal Alopecia, as a result of surgery, injury or as a side effect of a medical treatment.

It is clear that in these situations to significantly affect the psychology and quality of life of the person concerned.
Other kind of techniques follow the idea of the wig and do not give naturalness and practicality to the final result.

Unlike traditional techniques or other wigs, the NEW AGE hair system is developed for absolute realism and is an ideal choice in cases where the person concerned:

  • does not want to or has no indication to proceed with a hair transplant
  • does not have sufficient donor area
  • seeks immediate result without undergoing surgery
  • presents an extensive area to be covered
  • has been lost due to dermatological diseases
  • shows diffuse female dilution (Alopecia Diffusa)

Bergmann Kord, applies exclusively in recent years in Greece the NEW AGE technique, which has given a natural result to thousands of men and women. You can read more about the advantages of the NEW AGE technique by clicking here.