Natural Front Line

Natural Front Line


The first to have to fill the gaps in the scalp were actors who had to have a perfect appearance in front of the camera to perform their role convincingly.
So emphasis was placed on small details so that the result is natural in front of the demanding camera of the director.
After that, the knowledge was transferred to the manufacture of new hair prosthesis technology. This is how the NEW AGE technique was created.

The important difference

The prosthetic solution evolved into an invisible technique once the manufacturers were able to perfectly mimic the natural front line.
With the application of the new technology, the new hair is implanted with fine tools on special transparent membranes of exceptional fineness and look like they protrude from the skin.
When applied to the scalp they have perfect fit and stability.

New image

From the first moment, all the necessary measurements are made in order to achieve the ideal result.

However, it is a reality that we can achieve any haircut or hairstyle that everyone is interested in.

The base material does not remove from the sensation of external stimuli, is not perceived even by touch and allows any kind of activity.

New hair can be washed, combed and can be used with styling products such as gel and mousse. The support is maintained approximately every 30 days.