Hair Prosthesis for Women

Hair Prosthesis for Women

We can all imagine how a woman feels when experiences hair loss. The extension of the problem affects her personal, social and professional life.
The statistics we have report increasing rates over the years for younger and younger women suffering from some form of hair loss.

Bergmann Kord’s NEW AGE hair prosthesis has been offering natural and rich hair to thousands of women who have experienced hair loss of any degree for many years.

Thus, naturally new hair is supported with absolute safety and gently entangled in a single, handmade mesh or base.

It gives the freedom to choose style and hairstyle and finally the completely natural result.

Make your choice

For women, the choices for style and hairstyle are endless. The same goes for the requirements for density, volume and length of hair, which are covered according to the wishes. This reality reinforces the need for the flexibility and dynamics of the technique to respond to a wider range of options.

We have the choice and the solution to covers only the area that has thinning and only where the hair needs to thicken.
We can advise through our experience and know-how, the suitable base model and then to measure and take the right measuments.

Special construction for thinning area

The NEW AGE hair prosthesis guarantees the effective and desired solution for all women who are facing the hair loss.
Each case is unique and we deal individual to each one when they experience thinning of any degree and type.

With the NEW AGE technique, new natural hair becomes involved with existing ones.
The result is to create a single, handmade net that gives density, volume, naturalness and the feeling of “your” hair.

It is essentially an enrichment of the existing hair since among the new ones we can have the existing ones which complete the total volume.