Natural Result

Natural Result

Bergmann Kord deals exclusively since 1979 with the most modern and advanced solutions to hair loss and hair restoration problems.

It is considered a pioneer in hair loss and applies all modern solutions depending on the case. This is the great advantage, since there is no one solution that applies in all cases.

Each case is a different case and imposes a different solution tailored to the needs and desires of each interested party.

The correct and objective information

The first step is to get the information.
Initially, it offers serious and responsible information on the subject of hair loss and provides suggestions and options, simply and objectively according to the experience of its experts.
The goal is to suggest the right choice to those who seek the safe and guaranteed solution.

New mood for life

The adoption and application of the NEW AGE technique, which refers to an advanced solution for different situations of covering diluted areas, is a decision for new life.
New appearance means new mood and good psychology with extensions throughout everyday life.
Confidence is rising and it is a great satisfaction to feel this for all those interested who trust us with such a serious issue that concerned them.
Whether it concerns young people, women or cases that did not find another effective solution.

Important details

However, it is not only the perfect end result that Bergmann Kord gives to those who will trust it to find the final solution.
It is the human approach, the right professionalism and the continuous support of its people in all phases and contacts.
Understanding and cooperation are the key elements that build a long-term relationship so that everyone interested can feel that Bergmann Kord can find serious and responsible support.