Personalized Order

Personalized Order

For our clients, their wishes for style, color and haircut are absolutely respected.
The requirements for density, volume and length of hair are also taken into account.
Many times those clients have pictures with their hair or various fashion magazines with them to give more information about their wishes.

All these elements are important for the correct understanding of the needs and the correct completion of the personal order form.

The Bergmann Kord NEW AGE hair prosthesis guarantees the effective, desirable solution in all cases.

To complete the order, the shape of the area to be covered is first imprinted in a special pattern together with a sample of hair.

The data are then sent to the workshop of Bergmann.

Preparation of the order

Based on the models of the pattern, a thin film base is created, a kind of hypoallergenic transparent skin, which will be placed in the area of ​​thinning between the hair.
Then the appropriate hairs are selected, which are implanted in the second skin and the NEW AGE system is created.

When creating it, all the necessary parameters are taken into account, such as the exact shade and type of hair, the color of the skin, the direction of the implant and the special growth conditions of the area of ​​the scalp that has been thinned.

Delivery of the order

The preparation time in the workshop depends on the type of order and is estimated from 4 to 12 weeks.