Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology


The NEW AGE hair extension technique is based on the unique Hollywood technology. It is a non-surgical hair restoration option.
It is addressed in cases where the interested party wishes to have an immediate result.
Without undergoing hair transplant surgery and in cases where there is not enough adequate donor area or the area to be covered is extensive.
Also in women with diffuse thinning or even skin diseases such as alopecia areata or scarring alopecia.
In many cases it gives a complete solution to alopecia in men and women. It generally has the ability to meet the requirements of any grade and type of dilution. It is the leading technique that began to be applied in cinema for the actors of Hollywood. It is an ideal solution for brands as it is considered the “invisible” technology.

The new hair has full contact with the skin, gives a feeling of naturalness, allows exercise and all kinds of activities.

Perfect Hair with a natural result!

The NEW AGE technique is applied in Greece exclusively by Bergmann Kord, enabling it to meet the requirements of any degree and type of hair loss.
The behavior of the hair is just like the natural, it can be washed, combed and all styling products can be used normally.
The area to be covered is imprinted on a pattern depending on the shape and area and then based this information, a thin base is created.

Then natural hair of a certain quality and color is selected and implanted in the base.

The system will then be placed in the thinning area between the existing of the hairs.

What are the steps for the order

In the first stage, the shape of the area to be covered is imprinted on a special pattern and then sent to the German workshop of Bergmann, together with a sample of hair from the hair of the person concerned.

In Bergmann laboratories, an analysis of the specifications and color of the sample is performed and then hairs are selected, natural or artificial, which are in full quality and aesthetic compatibility with the hairs of the sample.

At the same time, based on the models of the pattern, a thin film base is created, a kind of artificial skin, which will be placed in the area of ​​thinning between the rest of the hair.

The selected hairs are implanted in the second skin and the system is created.

When creating it, all the necessary parameters are taken into consideration, such as the exact shade and type of hair, the color of the skin, the direction of the implant, the special growth conditions of the area of ​​the scalp that has been thinned.

Delivery time ranges from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the specifications of the order and the volume of orders.