Our Company

Our Company


Bergmann Kord deals since 1979 exclusively with the most modern and advanced solutions to hair loss and hair restoration problems.
It is considered a pioneer in modern hair loss treatments and hair transplant techniques.

Its philosophy is that there is no solution that can be applied in all cases and there should be the possibility for the right choice according to the needs and desires of each interested party.

It offers serious and responsible information on hair loss issues with specific suggestions and options, to those who seek the safe and guaranteed solution.
In addition to medical applications, it has the necessary specialized knowledge to apply pioneering NEW AGE technology in Greece.
With the support of the German parent company Bergmann.

Innovation and cutting edge technology

Adopting and implementing innovative solutions for different situations has always been one of BergmannKord’s fundamental competitive advantages.

Many times the solutions we give complement the treatments of dermatologists.

These come to fill the gaps when the results of the treatments are not as efficient as would be expected for the patients.

There are many people, men and women who suffer from the problem of hair loss for different reasons.

Either as a temporary condition or as a permanent situation.  When this problem is caused by medical conditions or accidents, the lack of hair burdens their psychology.

Sometimes the treatments are ineffective and they are looking for a permanent reliable solution.

In these cases the application of the NEW AGE technique is recommended.

Our pursuit

Bergmann Kord with the innovative technique NEW AGE is close to people who have a problem with hair loss and do not find an economical and aesthetically pleasing solution or other treatment.

It is a great moral satisfaction for us to see the smile return to our customers to whom we applied the NEW AGE technique.

To regain their self-confidence, to feel that they are starting a new life, with optimism, strength and enhanced need for creativity in every area of ​​their lives.

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