Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage


NEW AGE Hair Prosthesis is a very serious choice for hair restoration. The element that differentiates it is that it can be applied to any hair thinning step or other area that needs it.

It is the only technique that can cover with normal density, any point where there is hair loss.
More specifiec covers cases other than the usual male or female hair loss, and for different causes such as diseases, accidents or scars on the scalp.

The desired density

The problem in most hair restoration cases always is the available stocks of the donor area.

In the case of the NEW AGE technique there are no restrictions. The density achieved is always the desired without any restrictions.

Coverage is achieved throughout the area and depending on the wishes of each interested party.

The NEW AGE hair prosthesis solution is an ideal solution:

  • Where density requirements are increased.
  • For those who do not want to have a hair transplant.
  • In cases where basic conditions for a hair transplant are not met.
  • For a natural and perfect result based on a specific style.
  • Ideal choice for those who want to achieve a new image.