Support to the Dermatologist

Support to the Dermatologist


NEW AGE hair prosthesis is a non-surgical hair restoration technique.
It is an ideal choice for those who do not want to proceed with a hair transplant. Additionally, provides alternatives for the cases where the solution of the transplant is not possible.

Cases of immediate recovery

There are specific cases where its application helps the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to guide the patient to the correct decision.
At the same time, it gives a unique aesthetic solution and complete coverage for the absolute satisfaction of the patient.
The application of the NEW AGE technique can cover with excellent results any area of ​​the scalp in combination with the treatment of the dermatologist.

Cases of alopecia areata or scarring alopecia, general alopecia, side effects from radiation or chemotherapy, hormone therapy, burns, accidents and other causes.

Experienced technicians

Our technicians in collaboration with the competent doctor can suggest the right and appropriate solution to reconstruct the hair.
Their experience and the technical solutions they have will give an immediate proposal and solution.
This way the patient will be able to feel comfortable and not be isolated due to the condition he is going through.

Here you can see different cases.

Excellent result for men and women

In cases where the dermatologist has exhausted all available options in treatments and there is no other option in the treatment field, then the NEW AGE solution can give the best alternative.

The choice of NEW AGE hair prosthesis is applied in Greece exclusively by Bergmann Kord.

It has given a solution to thousands of women and men who initially faced at some point in their lives the issue of thinning their and found the specific solution.

Important advantages of the technique are the feeling of naturalness and absolute contact with the skin as any kind of activity is allowed without any restrictions.