Basic Features

Basic Features


The newest and most advanced NEW AGE hair replacement technique meets the requirements for density, volume and length of hair without any restrictions, paying special attention to the naturalness of the result.

It is considered ideal for cases of diffuse alopecia faced by young people and women as well as for any case of reduced hair density or thinning.

It is unique in cases where there is no possibility for any surgical hair restoration.

The main features of the technique are:

  • The material is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the area and does not affect the hygiene of the scalp.
  • It is extremely delicate, allows the skin to breathe and does not remove the sensation of external stimuli.
  • Fits perfectly, has absolute stability and does not need to be removed.
  • There is no restriction on the volume of hair and the extent of the area to be covered.
  • It is a reversible process, without contraindications or side effects.
  • New hair gets involved with the natural and gives a uniform, natural result.
  • Hair regains density and volume.
  • Any kind of activity is allowed without the possibility of relocation.
  • Hair is washed, combed, subjected to hairdressing processes – for example dyeing, highlights – as well as styling treatment – foam, gel, hairstyle spray.
  • It is an excellent method of thickening for any type and degree of loss such as injuries or diseases of the scalp.
  • It is an inconspicuous and invisible solution. A solution that goes completely unnoticed.